Responsive web design or RWD allows websites to be compatible across multiple devices with different screen resolutions. Depending on screen width of the device being used to browse the site, fluid design techniques are used to adjust the layout and UI. This fluidity in the layout helps in providing consistent user experience across multiple devices such as mobile devices, laptops, and desktops. Better usability leads to better user engagement and thereby positively influences lead generation.

Going Mobile…You absolutely must!

As per the latest report by Comscore, Mobile devices are fast becoming primary means of interacting with digital channels with Desktop slowly but surely being relegated to a secondary role. Various Mobile Usability Improvement initiatives taken by major search engines over last couple of years indicate a definite shift towards a mobile first web.

Google and other search engines have announced multiple updates that reward website based on their mobile friendliness. Quite a few of our clients have noticed substantial improvements in search engine ranking positions as well as user interaction after switching to a mobile friendly, responsive layout.

Making sure that the website is mobile-friendly will be the key to your online survival and success. For a number of website managed by Digital Media Sapiens the mobile traffic has already overtaken desktop traffic by at least a few percentage points. We expect the trends to become more and more mobile heavy over next few months.

Responsive Web design

Other Advantages of Responsive Web Design

  • Cost Effective– Since you will be reusing the same website across multiple devices the development costs drop resulting in substantial savings
  • Reduction in Development Time – Unlike other mobile compatibility techniques, such as Adaptive Web Design, responsive web design can drastically cut down the development time.
  • Google Recommends It – There we said it! Since responsive design uses same URLs and HTML code across all the devices it helps in improving crawl efficiency of the Googlebot. This improvement might in turn lead to Google indexing more and more content on the site.
  • Rankings – Mobile friendliness is one of the major ranking criterion across all the major search engines
  • Better UX/UI– Responsive layout adapts itself as per users screen dimension to provide optimal user experience across all the devices.
  • Reduced Maintenance Time – Same codebase makes it easier to diagnose and fix any issues that might come up in future. Making updates/changes is also considerable easier.
  • Better Loading Speed – Since there is no device specific redirect or user-agent detection involved a typical responsive website loads quicker than say an adaptive design or a dedicated mobile site with redirects. Page speed is also considered as one of the ranking factors helping the site score more brownie points

What can Digital Media Sapiens do for You?

More and more companies are looking at responsive web designs and you would, naturally, want to stay ahead of your competition. The responsive web design experts at Digital Media Sapiens will help you in turning your website vision into reality with consistent UI/UX across multiple devices.

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Bonus Tip
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