Explosion of social media usage has simultaneously made your brand's job easier and much harder - its easy because it now puts you in direct contact with your consumer; its hard because now that you've found them, you have to engage with them in a way that they find meaningful. Improving brand awareness isn't enough; you want your conversations and communications to engage with your audience, drive traffic to your website, and convert them into established customers. And that's where social media marketing or social media optimization comes in. Drawing on our in-depth understanding of your business, how it functions, and what your goals are, we identify the social media platforms that suit your brand, product, or service, and create the relevant social media pages with an intelligent design that allows for enhanced customer experiences, greater engagement, and the development of long-term relationships with your target audience.

Who Uses Social Media?

Considering the platforms available - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Tumblr, etc. - you might think social media is a teenager's world. And you would be mistaken. Recent research by Internet Retailer has indicated that the average social media user is between 25 and 34 years old, married, and professionally employed with an average annual income of $65,563. This is your target consumer! Whatever their age bracket and income slab, these are well-informed customers and they're getting their information from each other on these platforms. To reach them, you need to be there too. Brands are slowly recognizing this truth and are moving onto social media; but it takes a lot to develop an effective social media presence that your consumers are willing to engage with regularly!

Why Social Media for Small & Medium Enterprises?

It's simple...social media works. For entertainment, research, information and opinions, social media is wildly popular and usually the first option. People are talking about you across multiple platforms everyday. Knowing what they're saying (both good and bad) and responding quickly and constructively are critical to managing your online reputation and your overall brand image, both online and offline. The online audience is immense and the marketing potential is astounding; with our digital expertise, our agency can help you take advantage of it!

How can we help?

Our social media marketing team (the Social Sapiens) in Dubai is adept at devising customized plans and strategies to establish and grow your social media presence according to your stated goals and objectives and bring you the maximum ROI. Backed by continuous monitoring of our efforts on a daily basis we are able to give you insights and handy tips, adjust your campaigns to suit the changing environment, and capitalize on emerging social media trends. The Social Sapiens at DMS can help you craft the perfect image and message to attract the right audience through an effective online social media strategy. With daily real time analysis, we can: Social Media Optimization Process

Research & Insight

Social media success depends on 3 simple factors. What you share, how attentively you listen and how actively you respond to your customers. At our company, we conduct in-depth social media audits and analysis that helps us correctly identifying your social strengths and weaknesses. We then combine this data with business goals to develop a strategy that will allows you to better understand and engage with your consumers - old, new, and potential. Social media Success Our services in this area include conversion audits, influencing research, and an analysis of ongoing social media trends.

The Three Es - Engagement, Engagement, Engagement!

Your social media presence is cemented with the engagement of a highly relevant audience. To find you this audience and accomplish this level of engagement, we execute diversified activities guaranteed to boost your ROI. These include influencing campaigns, conversation platforms, advocacy programmers, building and managing communities, social applications, and responses to all conversations. Drawing on our own expertise and past experience, we make sure that your target audience is talking about you and talking in the tone and voice that you would want to hear!

The KPIs of Social Media Success

  • Number of fans and followers across platforms
  • Number of active followers, likes, shares, and comments
  • Traffic to your website via social media
  • Number of conversions (as per pre-determined goals)
  • Website traffic to conversion ratio

Our Comprehensive Services

  • Strategic planning and implementation.
  • Measurement of ROI
  • Customer engagement.
  • Brand monitoring.
  • Train your employees to be brand ambassadors on social media platforms
  • Online community management / reputation management
Do you believe your brand has an effective social media voice and presence? Do you think your brand can achieve a lot more with focused social media marketing campaign? Give a shout to one of our Social Sapiens and let us work towards realizing your brand's full social potential. Bonus Tip - Did you know that Social Media Marketing now has a huge impact on your SEO, search rankings, and capacity for lead generation?