5 Important SEO Trends in 2018

Posted by Digital Media Sapiens   on December 28, 2017
5 Important SEO Trends in 2018 Search Engine Marketing is one of the most evolving channels in online marketing due to its highly competitive nature, improved methods, complex but constantly updated algorithms and new technologies. Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming trends what will shape the digital world in 2018 as it appears that it will be a very exciting year for SEO. 1. The shift to mobile Google will be rollingRead More
8 Ideas to make your content more engaging Engaging content converts people into becoming customers, receives comments, is shared and ranks you high in search results. But in order to achieve all these you need to ensure the content does actually engage with your target audience. You could create the most interesting, appealing and beautiful content that you publish on your social media, and it falls in line with your marketing message and strategy andRead More
Why website design is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Despite a website being a bunch of web pages put together under one domain complete with design, text and maybe even videos, the benefits they bring to your business are so great that having no website at all is absolutely wrong, making you almost invisible! Today, almost 50% of people judge the credibility of a company based on the design of the websiteRead More
5 Ways to choose the Right Online Reputation Management Firm There is a conversation taking place about you online and one way to see it is to google yourself/your company. What did you find? And did you like what you found? You have just entered the world of ORM, or Online Reputation Management, where you take full control of the online conversation using a series of techniques and strategies to ensure that people only findRead More
10 Instagram ads to inspire your next campaign The online world has over 600 million instagrammers, of which 400 million are active every day. There are 15 million businesses that use Instagram for business, and between March 2016 and August 2017, Instagram’s active advertisers increased by 200,000 to reach 1 million monthly active advertisers. In March 2017 alone, 120 million instagrammers saw an Instagram ad which prompted them to visit a website, find directions, call,Read More
How to be successful on Pinterest in 8 steps With over 150 million active monthly users, Pinterest is quite the popular platform with a predominant female audience, totaling over 81% and 50 million. Today it has become one of the fastest growing networks, starting from a virtual bulletin board to a highly successful and popular social media platform in only a couple of years, changing the perception that it was used for bored people, housewivesRead More
How to create Great Landing pages that convert They clicked on your ad, and now they’re on your landing page. Your online target audience’s first interaction or first impression with your brand is your landing page after being directed from your search and display ads (GDN) or through Social Media advertising. If your landing page is properly optimized, it will enhance the user experience which will also contribute to an increase in conversions as well.Read More
How to be likeable on Social Media Take an image. Add a filter. Post. Wait for likes. .... Social Media might have shifted from originally sharing opinions, images videos, links and the like, to share about your life, and in many cases, showing off. This, in turn, has made some people unlikeable since bragging is one of the worst qualities to use to engage with people and increase your visibility. This doesn’t mean people willRead More
Google plans to kill instant search results Google will soon kill off Instant search, the provider of immediate results as you type to adapt to the obvious shift from desktop to mobile. We are not sure why mobile search cannot support this, but hey this is what Google wants! With over 50% of searches coming from mobile, and to optimize mobile search even further, Google has taken the decision to stop Google Instant to betterRead More

The Original SEO

Posted by Digital Media Sapiens   on July 2, 2017
The Original SEO When it comes to online marketing, businesses are still baffled by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and consider it complex and difficult to understand, but it really is quite simple. You visit Google and search for something, the results gathered can fall into 2 categories, paid and organic. Paid is the result of Google ads, while organic is the work of good SEO. Having a great website isn’t going to do anything forRead More
Work habits you need to immediately stop It is a busy world, we feel like we are constantly running towards something and dive into work to finish work, be busy or just try to achieve more. Some of us have our day structured to be most productive while others go with the flow tackling the day head on and finishing whatever the day throws at them. We have compiled a list of some things toRead More
The Articles have Spoken Who is dominating online news these days? Facebook and Google obviously, but for different topics, so can we introduce the cliché phrase “same same but different?” since both digital leaders have been accounting for online advertising growth in the last few years. According to Parsely who’s done the groundwork by releasing analytics over the last 4 years after studying over 10 million articles on how readers find online articles (and content).Read More