What is Programmatic Marketing, Advertising and Buying?

Forget contracts and frequency of ads, the future of Digital Advertising lies in the word “Programmatic” mainly beginning with Programmatic Marketing where you can market to the direct audience you want to reach with your advertisements, inclusive of geographic areas and demographics such as age and gender, while controlling the frequency and timings of the ads, making it extremely cost effective.

Programmatic Advertising automates the media buying process through placing ads using artificial intelligence and real time bidding (RTB) inclusive of targeting specific audiences and demographics. These ads are not only limited to online display, Social Media, mobile and video campaigns but today even include television adverts too. RTB or Real Time Buying is the most exciting aspect of Programmatic Advertising where media space is bid on automatically based on inputs of target segments, demographics and locations.

Through the use of algorithms and software interfaces, Programmatic Buying steps in to book, analyze and optimize online display advertisements to better control ROI.

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