The Original SEO

Posted by Digital Media Sapiens   on July 2, 2017
The Original SEO When it comes to online marketing, businesses are still baffled by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and consider it complex and difficult to understand, but it really is quite simple. You visit Google and search for something, the results gathered can fall into 2 categories, paid and organic. Paid is the result of Google ads, while organic is the work of good SEO. Having a great website isn’t going to do anything forRead More
Work habits you need to immediately stop It is a busy world, we feel like we are constantly running towards something and dive into work to finish work, be busy or just try to achieve more. Some of us have our day structured to be most productive while others go with the flow tackling the day head on and finishing whatever the day throws at them. We have compiled a list of some things toRead More
The Articles have Spoken Who is dominating online news these days? Facebook and Google obviously, but for different topics, so can we introduce the cliché phrase “same same but different?” since both digital leaders have been accounting for online advertising growth in the last few years. According to Parsely who’s done the groundwork by releasing analytics over the last 4 years after studying over 10 million articles on how readers find online articles (and content).Read More

The Power of Video

Posted by Digital Media Sapiens   on May 8, 2017
The Power of Video Some might say that video ate the world-wide web …. But with companies slowly realizing the power of videos for marketing, it is not surprising that the organic reach of Facebook videos on average receives 135% more than Facebook photos. An impressive 73% of B2B marketers say that video has a very positive impact on marketing ROI. While 61% of companies internationally are already using videos as a marketing tool whileRead More

A room with a mobile

Posted by Digital Media Sapiens   on May 3, 2017
A room with a mobile 2017 has brought a lot of beneficial changes as mobile searches continue to skyrocket, along with Google making some modifications towards a mobile first index to accommodate this, forcing everyone to adapt to incorporating mobile marketing into their 2017 strategy. The rise of payment technologies is fueling this trend, allowing mobile bookings to catch up to mobile traffic, but let’s focus on hotels for now and how they are handlingRead More
The Hype Behind Social Media Storytelling Advertisers and brands have been connecting with their audience for years through storytelling in their ads and messages, but enter the age of modern storytelling, the latest extension of traditional storytelling, digitally. Creating meaningful content is key in Social Media Marketing, drawing attention and being unique, having your audience notice you through visual imagery or highly interesting videos. This, in turn, will promote your brand effectively and connect withRead More
Use Social Media Effectively to Build your Brand To achieve your business objectives you need to be able to reach out to your target target audience on a medium of their choice. Widespread adoption of major social media channels provide an effective way for businesses to reach out to potential customers. A well planned social media strategy can do wonders at building brand recall. But this is where things get a little difficult - ThereRead More
Guide to Understanding your PPC Report Once you’ve got your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign underway, you would naturally want to stay on top of it and understand what is working and what isn’t. Whether you get your reports from your search engine marketing agency or you pull the reports yourself, you need to make sure that the reports include few key metrics that can make or break your campaign. A standard PPC report will give youRead More
Google Allo and Google Pixel are here! Google has introduced some new kids on the block for all you app and tech enthusiasts; lets find out all there is to know about Google Allo and Google Pixel. Say Allo to Google Allo Launched on September 21, 2016, Allo is Google's answer to Whatsapp and Telegram. Like the above mentioned services, this instant messaging app is also based on mobile numbers rather than a registered emailRead More
Google's making some Exciting Announcements Get the latest on the AMP Testing Tool, the new Mobile Search Index, and Penguin 4.0 Over the last few days Google has made a slew of announcements that, on the one hand make the average webmaster's life easier and, on the other gives a glimpse into the search giant's future direction. Here's a quick recap of whats been happening and why you should be excited! The AMP Testing ToolRead More
Handy Tips to Boost your Local SEO You know about SEO and you've optimized your website for maximum visibility...and that's great. But what about Local SEO? Have you taken care of that? The majority of the searches done (especially on mobile devices) are for local businesses, and you need to show up in search engine results here tool What is Local SEO? It's basically local online marketing which allows you to promote your products orRead More
Recipes for the Perfect SEO Report SEO is an important aspect of digital content – there’s no denying it. Without knowing and fulfilling the SEO principles, your content is unlikely to rank and/or show up on search engine results; but getting your maximum visibility isn’t the end of the job. You still have to compile the results and prepare your reports indicating the level of your success…essentially, you need to have something to show forRead More